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Let our experienced chefs devise and create a bespoke smorgasbord of custom eats and treats that dance on your tastebuds and impress your guests with presentations that wholeheartedly befit your event.


Whether you choose to indulge in a traditional 3-coarse menu, or luxuriate in something decorous with a 5-coarse delight, our top-class chefs and catering team can create a bespoke menu for your unique tastes that all-the-while compliment the concept and theme of your event. If your venue self-caters, let SBM’s experienced team collaborate with their chefs in presenting to you an absolute culinary delight.

Customized Cake

Our in-house cake designer is a master artist and sculptor, producing the most beautiful cake artwork’s of international standard. Their masterful visual appeal is surpassed by the beautiful flavours that whirl on your taste buds. Have a bespoke cake designed and constructed by a virtuoso team of experts, and have a certain wow-factor at your event.


If you require a culinary delight that is more specialised that deviates from the norm, let us play with our collective create minds. Anything from Dessert Buffet spreads to chocolate fountains or a savoury pièce de résistance.


From custom cocktails and champagne to all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages – we will help you chose the correct combinations for you, and provide this important factor in rounding off your event.